Thumbs Up Moving Labor started in 2013 in Snohomish Washington when Jason Elkins and his brother Justin were looking for a new opportunity that they both could excel at. Both Jason and Justin had many skills and a lot of drive to succeed at something they could both be passionate about. Jason and Justin started moving people using an old Chevy truck that Jason purchased with his older brother Jesse’s advice. Jesse told Jason that if he had a pickup truck, he had a way to make money, and Jason ran with this idea.

Seeing his success with making money with his new pickup truck by hauling scrap metal and doing some demolition work, Jason decided he needed to expand to grow his venture. He realized that there was a strong need to help people with their moves, so he started moving people using his truck. Jason looked into starting a moving company, and he realized that the real need was for movers, not for trucks. U-haul, Penske, Budget, Upack, PODS, and a number of others provided plenty of transportation options. Jason realized that he wanted to start a moving labor company and provide a needed service within an industry made up of mostly full-service companies. It was a Eureka moment for Jason and a true turning point in his life and career as an entrepreneur.

Initially, the company was named Washington Moving Labor Services, but as Jason expand the company beyond Washington, a new name was needed. We have collected over 2,000 thumbs up photos from our past clients, and so it was only natural to change our name to represent that. Thumbs Up Moving Labor has evolved a lot over the years as a company. Still, it has maintained the commitment to provide a quality and dependable experience to its clients as the company grows nationwide.

We at Thumbs Up Moving Labor are excited to continue serving our clients’ needs at the same level of dedication and passion we had when our founder Jason started the company all those years ago. Our success depends on our ability to add value consistently to our clients. At Thumbs Up Moving Labor:

  • Putting people over profit.
  • Providing a consistent and dependable service.
  • Committed to hard work and excellence.
  • To be a transparent and honest company with integrity and does good work in the world to make it a better place.
  • Dedicated to making moving Simple and Fun in an industry that is anything but that.

Thank you for taking the time to check out our bio. We look forward to showing you how TUML has been making moving fun since 2013.

Thank you for your support.



Jason Elkins
CEO and Founder
Thumbs Up Moving Labor