How Our Moving Labor Services Work

We provide the muscle to help you with your move. When our clients need movers without trucks this is what we excel at. Our clients rent PODS containers, U-haul trucks, Penske trucks, Budget trucks, ABF trailers, and a variety of other transportation options when those are needed. We do one thing and do that thing very well, we provide high-quality, trustworthy, dependable movers. Simply call us or go to our Get A Quote page and we’ll provide you with a custom free estimate. We do all of our estimates over the phone by taking our clients through our proprietary estimate walkthrough process. This process does a remarkable job of eliminating the need for physical in-home estimates which saves everyone a lot of time. When our clients are ready to book, we take them through our booking process over the phone and then send a confirmation email. From there we are all set and booked for the time and date that was requested. We are usually available to help with moves on short notice and we work 7 days a week. Our movers are all uniformed, strong, background checked, and covered by workers’ compensation. We have earned an impeccable reputation within the moving industry for our outstanding work over the past decade of our existence as a company. Our clients trust us and that is more valuable than anything else we believe.

Home & Office Furniture Moving
and In-Home Staging

We are an excellent option to help with moving your furniture within your home or office. We have strong partnerships with flooring companies that hire and refer us to their clients. Our referral success is thanks to our impeccable moving labor service performance by helping move small to large furniture before and after flooring installations. We are the perfect fit for these types of projects because we have a small 2-hour minimum compared to a lot of full-service moving companies that have larger minimums. Additionally, we’re also an amazing fit for these projects within homes and offices because we’re very flexible with time availability. We can help early morning, or later in the evening, but most importantly we’re available 7 days a week and on short notice. We strive to succeed for our clients unlike a lot of full-service moving companies that aren’t available on short notice or aren’t very flexible with availability. We confidently excel in these important facets of the moving business. Other satisfactory projects include staging companies. Real estate agents utilize our services when staging is necessary for selling homes, which these days are more important than ever.

Hourly Labor Services

We charge by the hour for our service. This is the best option for everyone because then our clients only pay for the time that they need us. We have a 2-hour minimum and if we go over that minimum we prorate our service per fifteen minutes for any additional time that our clients need our movers. We strive to give accurate estimates when we book our jobs to ensure utmost quality and expectations. We have a very great success rate of being within the estimate that we provide. This is very important because it’s all about setting the right expectations when it comes to what the move will cost and how long it will take. The majority of our moves are 2 man jobs but sometimes we put 3 or 4 movers on a job. The crew size depends on the size of the move and how many movers would be needed to successfully complete the move. We discuss all of this with our clients when we go over the estimate process on the phone before they book our services.

Truck Loading & Unloading Services

One of the primary services we offer is loading and unloading trucks, trailers, and containers. We provide an abundance of training for our movers so they offer remarkable and efficient service. The crew is really great at playing Tetris and securing loads for local and long-distance moves. We provide the local movers needed to load and unload these transportation options. We are currently located in Arizona and Washington State. Our locations offer a great option for those that are migrating between the two states. We can help load and unload on both ends which is very convenient for the clients that are able to utilize us in this manner. For local moves, we load and unload U-haul trucks, Penske trucks, and Budget trucks. Our clients reserve their own trucks, pick them up, and drive them to the load location. This is where we meet our clients and then we follow behind them to the unloading locations. Additionally, we provide furniture pads, shrink wrap, a hand truck, tools for disassembly and re-assembly, and a furniture dolly, all at no additional cost to our clients.